What is Flagship Design Studio?

We created Flagship Design Studio 2011 in response to a generation of Design and Digital Media students who had plenty of design experience in the classroom, but felt unprepared for interacting with clients in the real-world workplace. Flagship Design Studio offers these career-driven students the guided client interaction, project management, design process, collaboration, presentation strategies, and deadlines that will contribute to their future success. Many of our students work at Flagship for several semesters, filling their resumes and portfolios with thoughtful experiences and interesting projects for real clients. Past designers have produced videos, created logos and branding systems, and designed brochures, chapter books, posters, signage, and websites. We’ve even curated and designed exhibitions and events! Flagship Design Studio is offered as a course in both Fall and Spring semesters at Sacramento City College. In addition to offering work experience, this course may be taken up to three times for transferable credit.

Who are our clients?

We select clients based on the design opportunity they can offer, their ability to work well with students, and their organization’s or business’s goals and outcomes. We want to work with great people who are doing great things! If you would like to become a Flagship Design Studio client, contact us! Please describe the design opportunity that you would like to offer our students, what your organization or business does, and a general deadline for your project. Our studio provides inexpensive, high quality work… but we take all semester to do it, so figure on a 5 month turn-around time.

Who are our students?

Flagship Design Studio is open to Design and Digital Media students of all disciplines who meet the course requirements and want to gain further experience and skills by working in a real design studio. Students who want to participate in Flagship Design Studio must have some comfort level with the following: · Working and participating in a team environment · Using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign and/or · WordPress, CSS/HTML and/or Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and/or videography, photography, or drawing skills are a plus! · Taking visual and technical direction / Following directions from others · Accepting feedback and offering constructive criticism · Trying new techniques and acquiring new skill sets (design and technical)
Flagship Design Studio Manual