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Bold Thought Partners

Michelle Waxman Johnson, CEO Bold Thought Partners, LLC is an in-demand consultancy that needed branding and a website quickly. The Flagship design team delivered quality products quickly and professionally. and Michelle was thrilled with the results.

Laptop on a table with the Bold Thought Partners website displaying on the screen.
two i-Phones with instagram stories on the screens


Los Rios College Federation of Teachers

Los Rios College Federation. of Teachers requested design services to help create a social media campaign that would reach those newly entering and preparing to enter the workforce. Their design team used human-centered design to inform their solutions.


Omar Khayyam

Jesse Womak, author of The Omar Khayyam Club, needed design services for the cover of his book and social media content for the launch.

Omar Khyyam book opened face down on flat surface.
An infographic for Human Milk Connection laying on a flat surface


Human Milk Connection

The Human Milk Connection is a new business preparing to launch. The design team created infographics and a social media campaign.


ACS Sacramento

A.C.S Sacramento is a chapter of a well-established, non-profit scientific organization. We designed a logo and swag for the group to promote themselves locally and to establish a more professional character in attracting new members. 

ACS Sketchbook on a table with pencils, a drink and other decor
A person setting at a desk sketching. There is an open laptop, magazines and a cup of coffee on the desk.


Design & Digital Media

The Design & Digital Media Department at Sacramento City College provides students with the opportunity to study and enter into three distinct areas: graphic and web design, animation and 3D modeling, and video game design. Flagship Design Studio, a part of this amazing design program, created a social media campaign to increase awareness.


aana jaana

aana jaana sought the help of Flagship Design Studio to develop a logo and collateral that would truly fit her business personality. Her design team was able to capture a handmade look that is authentic to aana jaana.

Half-mittens and chutneys by Anna Jaana
Woman wearing a white t-shirt with Mud Dauber Farm logo.


Mud Dauber Farm

Mud Dauber Farm needed a logo and a website, and Flagship Design Studio delivered.


Y.E.S. – Year End Show

The Year-End Show is a celebration of the best work completed by students over the course of the year. Historically, the show has been in person. However, it is now featured online due to the pandemic.

A laptop on a desk in a bedroom.
Squash Patch Buisness Card


The Squatch Patch

Squatch Patch is a coastal farm that is committed to providing quality produce. They asked for a logo, banner, and business card. Their team created a fun logo that captured the spirit of this business.


Purple Tree Cafe

Purple Tree Cafe is a non-profit that creates community-based employment for people with disabilities. Their design team created a website, poster, and postcard.

Purple Tree Cafe event poster


Cinnamon Bear Farm

This small farm in Mendocino County has been able to establish a professional and friendly brand for several Farmer’s Markets and restaurants in the area. We were able to help bring that to life visually in our designs.


Chemistry of Coffee

The Sacramento City College Chemistry Department started offering an exciting general education option for all majors — The Science of Coffee. We designed a logo, postcards, posters, and a promotional video to promote the class.

Chemistry of Coffee Logo
Black book with Math Lab bookmark.


The Math Lab

In an effort to brand the Sacramento City College Math Lab as a place for all learners, we designed. a “This is Math” campaign of posters and bookmarks.

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