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We are an award-winning, student-run graphic design and web design studio at Sacramento City College. 

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Our Process

All projects are overseen by faculty advisors before reaching any stage in production and before they are sent to clients. We typically accept 6 clients each semester and limit clients to start-ups, non-profits, educational programs, and the arts. Clients are selected based on their perceived ability to be OK working with a slower time-line than a commercial studio, their timeliness in providing feedback and replies, their ability to communicate effectively and patiently, and of course the nature of their business fitting within our mission. It takes us between 9–16 weeks to complete a project.


Our studio meets with clients one time for a 45-minute interview through Zoom. The rest of the communication is typically done through email, although we have met with clients for second meetings if communication appears to be challenging though just email.


For a branding project, we typically start with a client’s logo, building a look and color palette for the business or organization. Each design phase provides a client with several design choices and an opportunity for revision after hearing feedback. Once a logo is approved, the team moves into the other deliverables for a project : Website, business card, brochure, swag, and even videos.


You need to be ready too— we want to hear about your business. We would love to see a mission statement, core values, a biography or history and any published articles and PR. Our team needs a client’s body copy for a website or brochure, and any images to be included. We are also able to provide photography services and stock photos if needed.

Definition Phase

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We begin the Definition Phase with a client interview. This gives us an opportunity to understand your design needs and goals. Following this collaborative discussion, our design team will conduct human-centered design research and brainstorm ideas for possible solutions.

Ideation Phase (brainstorming)

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During the creation phase, our team will work on sketching, design building, and refining 2-3 or more designs for your review.

Iteration Phase (feedback)

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Once your team has completed the Ideation Phase, we move to a Feedback Phase. Our team will present 2-3 or more design solutions for you to review and to select from. Feedback will be integrated into the designs and our team will make revisions.

Delivery Phase

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Success! This is the final phase in which our design team delivers your design solutions for printing, uploading, or publishing.

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