Bold Thought Partners

Michele Waxman Johnson, CEO of Bold Thought Partners, LLC, is a national consultant and advocate for affordable, transparent, and equitable higher education and scholarship displacement evangelist.

Bold Thought Partners hired Flagship Design Studio to brand her business, build a website, and a variety of other deliverables.

Web Design


The design team provided Bold Thought Partners with multiple initial logo concepts for her to select from.

Social Media


Orange t-shirt with Forward Thinking and the Bold Thought Partners logo printed in white
Gray, long sleet sweatshirt with Bold Thought Partners logo on front

Business Card

Bold Thought Partners business card


The team was professional, thoughtful, creative, and quick, and after just one meeting and a few emails, they offered a variety of options for my logo, web site, business card, templates, swag, and social media campaign.

Michelle Waxman Johnson CEO, Bold Thought Partners, LLC