Social Media Campaign

Los Rios college

federation of teachers

The top of a cell phone displaying instagram stories

Los Rios College Federation of Teachers (LRCFT) is committed to increasing their visibility in the community using social media.

They hired Flagship Design Studio to design a sustainable solution. Their team completed human-centered design research to identify what LRCFT’s target audience wants to see and are most likely to engage with. 

Animation Index

#1 – Pre-Register to Vote

#2 – Register to Vote

#3 – Healthcare Coverage

#4 – Los Rios Food Distribution

#5 – Textbook Scholarship

#6 – World Kindness Day

#7 – Earth Day 2022

#8 – Apprenticeship Week

#9 – Information About Unions

#10 – More Details About Unions

#11 – Union Career Fields

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